commute com‧mute [kəˈmjuːt] verb [intransitive]
TRAVEL to regularly travel a long distance for your work:
commute between

• a businessman who commutes between Northern Ireland and Hong Kong

— commute noun [countable usually singular] :

• He got fed up with the daily commute into London.

— commuter noun [countable] :

• British Rail networks carrying commuters into London

* * *

commuter UK US /kəˈmjuːtər/ noun [C]
TRANSPORT a person who regularly travels between home and work: »

Because of disruption caused by the snow, many commuters faced long delays.

commuter UK US /kəˈmjuːtər/ adjective [before noun]
TRANSPORT used to describe something that is used by people who regularly travel between home and work, for example a place that they live, or a method of travel: commuter town/suburb, etc. »

Fanwood, New Jersey, is still an important commuter town.

commuter flight/airline/bus, etc. »

They caught a commuter flight to Boston in the morning.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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